About The Golden Age Project

An infectious saxophone craze swept across post war U.S.A. The bubbling optimism of the time combined with the effect of virtuosi such as Rudy Wiedoeft sparked a mania; everyone wanted to play the sax. It was this era that transformed the image of the sax from novelty gimmick to king of cool. Today, the distinct sound of the 1920s saxophone has all but been forgotten…

For this exiting project I will team up with specialist historical ensemble the Golden Age Quartet and breathe new life into a rare original 1920s C-melody saxophone. Singing, swinging and soaring; this album will both re-imagine a forgotten musical language and present new Australian sounds; setting original music alongside alongside classics by Wiedoeft, Gershwin, Chaplin and Schullhoff.

This project represents an innovative direction in the classical music landscape, fusing new music with historically informed performance.

We'll be recording in 2019 so please look out for our new album!